forest gully farms

forage. eat. stay.


forage tours

Come spend the morning or afternoon exploring forest gully while Jon and/or Mandy teach you about our farming methods of food forestry and permaculture. Explore the edibles that are native to our area and might be in your yard and how they can be beneficial to us, other plants and animals. 


Stay underground

Stay underground on our 15 acre farm. Sit by the fire under a blanket of stars. Enjoy walking around, nibbling on some fruit in the orchard or gathering eggs from the chicken coop. When you stay underground, you get this space all to your self. 



One of our main goals at FGF is to create a sustainable food forest. Which is an ecosystem made up of edible and beneficial plants and trees that are perennials. We aim to have diversity in our plantings. This creates a wide array of benefits. With the variety comes a variety of insects, both pests and beneficials, edibles to enjoy and a cohesive natural environment.