about us


Forest Gully Farms is owned and operated by Jon and Mandy Giffin. The farm is an experiment in sustainable living, built around the goal of living off the land. On our farm, we strive for a balance in diversity with our plantings. We work with the whole system to produce a holistic edible ecosystem. The Giffin’s manage their farm as two separate homesteads, each having a vegetable garden, orchard and chickens. One of the homesteads is for rent nightly and allows guests to emerge themselves in a unique homesteading experience. Using methods from both permaculture and food forestry, we hope to keep a self-sustaining ecosystem using our plants, trees, animals and bees. We are an ever evolving farm, so no two visits should be the same.  


The Gully Huts

The huts are constructed of white cedar throughout which is rot resistant and has bamboo flooring. With a retaining wall around each hut, our underground location allows for natural earth insulation and drastically reduces effects from outside temperatures. Each hut has a separate hvac system so no matter the season, you will be comfortable.